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FCC Looking at Ultra-Wideband

FCC Looking at Ultra-Wideband

The FCC is considering permitting the operation of ultra-wide band technology on an unlicensed basis. UWB technology is used in a variety of applications, including radar imaging of objects buried under the ground or behind walls and short-range high-speed data transmissions suitable for broadband access to the Internet.
UWB communication devices can be used by police, fire and rescue personnel to provide covert secure communications. Such devices can be used to distribute wirelessly services such as phone, cable and computer networking throughout a building or home.
The commission has stressed the need for more testing to make sure UWB technology could be used in bands below 2 GHz without interference to other users. To be considered as part of the public record, tests results must be submitted by Oct. 30.
The commission is seeking comments on the proposal (NPRM FCC 00-163).
– Leslie Stimson