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FCC Looks to Clean House

Proposes to terminate some 950 dormant proceedings

The last time the FCC declared nearly 1,000 proceedings dormant was in 2011.

Now, the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau is asking for public input on whether the agency can declare some 950 others suitable for termination.

The CGB has the authority to periodically review open dockets and, after speaking with the various bureaus involved in a proceeding, identify those that could be snuffed. These may be dockets not targeted for further action or those for which no paperwork has been filed in years.

Proceedings in which petitions addressing the merits are pending should not be terminated, without the parties’ consent.

To the extent that any of these proceedings include a petition addressing the merits or other pending pleadings, unless someone files a response to the new notice, the commission will assume it’s okay to close that particular proceeding. Those who don’t agree with a decision to terminate can appeal.

Comments are due (CG Docket 14-97) 30 days after Federal Register publication.