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FCC Loosens Rules for Haitian Radio Appeals

Noncoms can request waiver to raise funds for quake relief.

In the wake of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti, the FCC has loosened temporarily fundraising rules for noncommercial educational stations, allowing stations to raise funds for Haitian relief efforts.

Generally, FCC rules prohibit stations for raising the airwaves to raise funds for anything but the station itself, but these rules are occasionally raised to help respond to specific disasters. Such waivers were issued after Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, as well as after the 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Stations wishing to raise funds for Haitian relief efforts must file an informal Section 73.503(d) or 73.621(e) waiver request with the commission. Details have been posted to the FCC Media Bureau Web site.

The earthquake is the largest to strike Haiti in more than 200 years. Haitian President Rene Preval has told CNN that “thousands” are feared dead. The Red Cross estimates that some 3 million people have been directly affected by the quake.