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FCC Opens FM Translator Filing Window

This is for “singleton” applications pending from Auction 83; forms are due March 28

There’s more action in the FCC’s quest to process the thousands of pending FM translator applications from Auction 83. The move is one of several the commission has to perform in order to open up an application window this fall for would-be low-power FM owners.

The commission has opened a window to file FM translator new station construction permit applications. The list can be found here.

The window is for those with “singleton” applications filing FCC Form 349. Those must be filed electronically by March 28.

Singletons are not mutually exclusive with other applications; they also don’t specify transmitter site locations that are outside spectrum-limited markets. They are not within roughly 24 miles of any spectrum-limited market grid. Filed applications must meet the FCC’s grid test and top-50 transmitter site test.

The commission notes these particular singleton applications are exempt from its auction rules.