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FCC Postpones CSRIC Meeting

Event delayed because of impending snow storm in D.C. area

An expected snow storm in the Washington area has already begun to affect the federal government.

The FCC has postponed a meeting of the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council to March 14.

The March 14 meeting is the final session under this CSRIC charter, and 10 of CSRIC’s 11 working groups will present reports for a council vote. CSRIC is a federal advisory committee that makes recommendations to the commission regarding best practices and actions the agency can take to help ensure security, reliability and interoperability of commercial and public safety communications systems.

The event had been slated for tomorrow, March 6. Depending on which weather projection model is used, several inches of heavy, wet snow, is expected to fall in the Washington area tomorrow. Power outages are expected to cripple parts of the region from wind as well, according to forecasters.