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FCC Proposes 9% Regulatory Fee Increase

FCC Proposes 9% Regulatory Fee Increase

The FCC has proposed new regulatory fees for FY 2002 in order to collect $218,757,000, as required by Congress. Most fee categories would rise a little more than 9 percent. For example, Class A AMs and Class C FMs that serve populations of more than 1 million will owe $4,975 this year, compared to the $4,550 they owed in 2001. AM construction permits would be $370 this year compared to 280 last year and FM CPs would be $1,500, up from $925 in 2001.
The commission assesses and collects annual regulatory fees to recover the costs of its enforcement, policy and rulemaking, international, and user information activities.
Interested parties may file comments (MD Docket No. 02-64) on or before April 23.