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FCC Proposes to Streamline FM Allotment Rules; Adds a Freeze

FCC Proposes to Streamline FM Allotment Rules; Adds a Freeze

Noting that its FM allocation rules haven’t changed much since their 1963 inception, the FCC is proposing significant changes to streamline the allotment rulemaking process and weed out arcane rules.
At the same time, the commissioners announced a freeze on new FM allocations, saying the agency would not accept applications for new FMs until this procedure is completed.
Nearly 300 commercial FM allotment applications are pending; for them there will be a one-time settlement window, with no limit on monetary settlement amounts.
By requiring applicants to file a completed technical application (Form 301) and pay a filing fee at the same time as the new FM allotment is sought, the agency hopes to ensure those who participate in the auction process would be the same parties that seek new FM allotments.
It has also proposed changing AM mod rules.
The proposed changes stemmed from a petition filed by First Broadcasting Investment Partners, LLC this spring (RM-10960).
Public comments (Docket 05-210) are due 60 days upon publication in the Federal Register.