FCC Ramps Up Payola Investigation, L.A. Times Says

FCC Ramps Up Payola Investigation, L.A. Times Says
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Settlement talks between the FCC and four big radio groups have stalled, and now the commission has launched formal investigations into pay-for-play practices, says the Los Angeles Times.
Calling it the "biggest federal inquiry into radio bribery since the congressional payola hearings of 1960," the newspaper quoted two FCC officials saying the agency had requested documents from Clear Channel, CBS Radio, Entercom and Citadel over allegations that programmers had received cash, checks, clothing and other gifts in exchange for playing certain songs without revealing the deals to listeners.
The newspaper also said Clear Channel had been pushing for a $1 million fine while some commissioners wanted as much as $10 million.


Avoid the Payola Police

During 2005, the issue of payola received more public attention than at any time since the "pay-for-play" record scandals of the late 1950s.