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FCC Reaffirms $7,000 Fine for WCVC

FCC Reaffirms $7,000 Fine for WCVC

The FCC fined WCVC(AM), Tallahassee, Fla., $7,000 for not effectively fencing its tower. The case stems from August of 2002. The commission received complaints about WCVC’s operation and upon inspection, field agents found the tower, which had RF potential at its base, was not effectively fenced or enclosed. The station said a portion of the fence was down either because it was erecting a new antenna or due to “someone knocking it down.”
WCVC asked for the penalty to be cancelled, stating it had a previous good record, and was a “small daytime radio station operating out of a very humble mobile home.”
The commission said the station had previously been cited for failure to comply with Emergency Alert System testing and failing to clean and repaint its tower. The station did not submit documentation proving an inability to pay, stated the commission in its decision to stand by the fine.