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FCC Rules on 37 Groups of Mutually Exclusive NCE Applications

Losers now have a window to petition to deny

A handful of organizations will have reason to be happy with a decision from the FCC this week.

In a Memorandum Opinion and Order the commission staff ruled on 37 groups of mutually exclusive applications for new or modified noncommercial educational FM station construction permits. They date to filing windows of October 2007 and February 2010. “Tentative selectees” now have been named, including some that would have to time-share their frequencies.

The FCC issued a spreadsheet in which it resolves the conflicting NCE proposals for communities like Anniston, Ala.; Pima, Ariz.; Olathe, Colo.; and Live Oak, Fla.

This triggers a 30-day period for the filing of petitions to deny.

The commission explained its reasoning and process in choosing the tentative selectees in a detailed summation.