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FCC Says Powell Isn’t Leaving Soon

FCC Says Powell Isn't Leaving Soon

The FCC is trying to dampen speculation that Chairman Michael Powell plans to leave the agency after the November elections.
The Los Angeles Times ran a story quoting telecom lobbyists about possible changes in the makeup of the commission depending on whether the GOP retains the White House or if presumed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry wins the race.
Of Powell’s plans, agency Spokesman David Fiske said to RW: “He’s not thinking about it. He has no plans to leave.”
Powell has been a commissioner since 1997 and chairman since 2001.
There could be other changes in the new year. Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein’s term ended a year ago. Under the Communications Act, he would need a recess appointment to stay beyond the end of the current session of Congress. Members plan to adjourn in October. A group of bipartisan senators has petitioned President Bush to grant the Democrat another term in case Adelstein’s re-appointment isn’t approved before Congress adjourns.
Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy’s term ends today (Wednesday). But she can stay until the next session of Congress adjourns next year.