FCC Seeks Comment on AM IBOC

FCC Seeks Comment on AM IBOC
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The FCC has, in record time, sought public comment on the report by the National Radio Systems Committee about Ibiquity's AM IBOC system. The NRSC's report evaluates the lab and field-testing of Ibiquity's system in the hybrid mode.
The comments are due by June 18 to MM Docket 99-325.
Additional testing is required to assess IBOC's performance during AM nighttime skywave propagation conditions and when Ibiquity finishes re-doing some tests with its Perceptual Audio Coder or PAC. Earlier tests were conducted with its former codec, AAC. The commission will seek further public comments when it receives the results of the additional tests.


FCC Seeks Input On FM IBOC

WASHINGTON The FCC wants public comments on a report from the National Radio Systems Committee. The NRSC ecommends that Ibiquity Digital Corp.’s FM system be adopted as the in-band, on-channel digital radio system for FM in the United States.