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FCC Sets Deadlines for Auction 83 and 100 Singleton CP Applications

Both will be open Oct. 4 through Nov. 5

WASHINGTON — The FCC’s Media Bureau has announced a pair of windows for filing applications for nonmutually exclusive FM translator new station construction permits.

Both will be open Oct. 4 through Nov. 5, by which date each applicant must have submitted a completed Form 349 for each Tech Box proposal, as well as the filing fee and FCC Form 159 Remittance Advice, if relevant.

The announcements note that timely submissions are advantageous, as “long-form applications and amendments filed during this long-form window will be afforded cut-off protection, as of the date the complete Form 349 long-form application is filed.” However, jumping the gun and filing the forms before Thursday, Oct. 4, will result in a dismissal of the application.

For Auction 83, DA 18-985 applies to Mid-Utah Radio which submitted two proposals for Gunnison, Utah (Channels 268 and 263); and Donn Fry and Diane Stielstra proposed changes to Channel 232 in Mazama, Wash.

DA 18-986 applies to Tech Box proposals from the Auction 100 filing window; there are 124 of those. Florida had 11 proposals, but that was dwarfed by Puerto Rico’s 22. Minnesota also had a strong showing with nine proposals. Populous states like California, Texas and New York were relatively underrepresented.

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