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FCC Slaps AM Daytimer for Night Operation

Incomplete public inspection file pushes up fine

An interference complaint turned into a costly FCC visit for an AM station in Louisiana.

The FCC plans to fine Crocodile Broadcasting, licensee of KGLA(AM), Gretna, La., a total of $14,000.

KGLA is authorized to operate in daytime and for a limited amount of time before and after sunset. During October, KGLA is authorized to be on the air until 8:30 p.m.

After receiving an interference complaint in October 2010, field agents from the New Orleans Bureau inspected the station. The general manager admitted the station had been remaining on the air at reduced power for several years, according to the FCC account. He thought KGLA was authorized for night-time operation.

The GM also couldn’t produce a complete public inspection file. That fine is $10,000 and the penalty for unauthorized night-time operation is $4,000.

In addition to the fine, the commission is requiring KGLA to submit a sworn statement that it is in compliance with the agency’s rules.

Crocodile now has the opportunity to appeal.