FCC Strives to Shorten Action Turnarounds

FCC Strives to Shorten Action Turnarounds
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The FCC says it's using money authorized by Congress to speed up service. It told lawmakers in its budget request the agency has cut the average time to complete a rulemaking, from circulating the paperwork to adoption, by 33% from 15 to 10 days. The processing time from adoption-to-release was reduced by 35%, from 31 to 20 days.
In 2005, 98% of the 1,325,130 actions were disposed of within the agency's processing goal, a 1% increase in comparison to 97% of 1,705,973 actions disposed of in FY 2004, it said.
Also in 2005, 95% of 556,113 applications were filed electronically or online, a 3% increase in comparison to FY 2004's 92% when 566,975 applications filed electronically or on-line.


The FCC's Action on IBOC

On May 31 the FCC issued a detailed discussion of digital radio for the United States and finalized a number of important rules covering IBOC implementation, rules that affect stations that have transitioned to HD Radio or plan to do so.