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FCC Strives to Shorten Action Turnarounds

FCC Strives to Shorten Action Turnarounds

The FCC says it’s using money authorized by Congress to speed up service. It told lawmakers in its budget request the agency has cut the average time to complete a rulemaking, from circulating the paperwork to adoption, by 33% from 15 to 10 days. The processing time from adoption-to-release was reduced by 35%, from 31 to 20 days.
In 2005, 98% of the 1,325,130 actions were disposed of within the agency’s processing goal, a 1% increase in comparison to 97% of 1,705,973 actions disposed of in FY 2004, it said.
Also in 2005, 95% of 556,113 applications were filed electronically or online, a 3% increase in comparison to FY 2004’s 92% when 566,975 applications filed electronically or on-line.