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FCC Takes Next Step in Processing LPFM Paperwork

Media Bureau identifies tentative selectees in 111 MX groups of LPFM applications

The FCC has identified tentative selectees in 111 groups of mutually exclusive low-power FM applications.

The MX groups involve those individuals or entities vying for the same frequency in a market. When the distance between the facilities proposed in two window-filed applications does not meet the specified minimum distance separation requirements, the applications are treated as MX. An MX group consists of all applications which are mutually exclusive to at least one other application in the group.

In December, we reported, the Media Bureau identified the groups of MX LPFM applications filed during the LPFM window, and opened a 60-day window within which the applicants from each group could communicate with each other and attempt to resolve the conflicts through three methods — technical amendments, settlements, and time-share agreements.

Today’s tentative decisions kick-off a 30-day period in which those who don’t agree with the selections can file petitions to deny.

The commission also announced a 90-day period to file voluntary time-sharing proposals and major change amendments.

Attachment A lists, by group number and state, each of the applicants in the mutually exclusive groups the bureau analyzed. Tentative selectees are identified in bold. Many of the tentatively-selected applicants asked for a waiver of the second-adjacent channel spacing requirements. Attachment B identifies these applications and respective stations.