FCC Tentatively Selects Winners in NCE MX CP Groups

Yet the agency also says its decisions can still be challenged
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The FCC has considered nine protests to previous decisions the Media Bureau made regarding seven groups of mutually exclusive NCE construction permits.

For each of the groups, the agency applied comparative procedures to resolve the conflicting NCE proposals and tentatively selected applications to grant.

Now, because of further filings or events, the actions now require more analysis, according to the FCC; in some cases, that means a new tentative selectee must be chosen.

The commission says in a Memorandum Opinion & Order that it “tentatively” concludes that granting these new selectees would be in the public interest, but also notes the selections can still be challenged.

Most of the original applications were filed in 2007, during the first filing window for NCE FM reserved band applications. The bureau resolved 500 other MX groups that were filed in the same window.


New NCE CP Application Approved

We reported in January about the new rules permitting commercial stations to change their city of license. However noncoms were not permitted to file for a new city of license until the FCC Form 340, an application for a construction permit for an NCE station, was revised.