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FCC to Hold Workshop on Consolidated Licensing

Wants to hear about issues raised by further transition to electronic filing

The Federal Communications Commission is updating how it licenses each of the industries it regulates.

The agency plans to consolidate its licensing systems in an effort to make it easier to track a licensing application and to improve its spectrum management.

The commission seeks input on its plans and has scheduled a workshop on April 7 to focus on the Web site and Web-based interaction of the CLS. Specifically, it’s asking what are major concerns raised for the broadcasting industries and others by the transition to electronic filing where it is not already required, as well as the implications of e-filing.

The FCC also seeks input on what other capabilities industry would like, such as mapping or historical licensing data and how confidential information should be treated.

The FCC has opened MD Docket 10-73 on the issue, and will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking after any workshops and suggestions have been received.