FCC to Public: 'Tell Us Your Payola Stories'

FCC to Public: 'Tell Us Your Payola Stories'
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The FCC is encouraging the public to tell the commission about broadcast violations of the payola rules.
"Like a Neighborhood Watch program, putting viewers on alert will help us enforce the law and deter future abuses," said FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. It serves as another reminder that there is an unequivocal, legal obligation - up and down the chain of production and distribution - to disclose all forms of payola."
The FCC issued a fact sheet its payola rules and placed them on its Web site, instructing the public how to file a complaint via e-mail, letter or phone.
In April, RW Online reported the FCC issued a Public Notice on Video News Releases in response to public and congressional inquiries about broadcast licensees and cable operators who failed to disclose the sponsorship of certain "prepackaged news stories."
Public comments are due June 22.


Avoid the Payola Police

During 2005, the issue of payola received more public attention than at any time since the "pay-for-play" record scandals of the late 1950s.