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FCC to Retire Front Web Page page will disappear in favor of home page

For almost three years now, the FCC has maintained a hybrid of both old and new domains on its website.

Soon, the “old” front page will disappear.

Howard Parnell, chief of the FCC’s Web and Print Publishing Division, says in a blog post, that all content that used to be on the old front page — including links to resources — are on the home page. Personal bookmarks to items once featured on the old page will continue to work, according to Parnell.

The commission has made the decision because of what they agency says has been a steady decline in use of the “old” front page since the site redesign in spring 2011. “During the past year, the page received less than 2% of overall traffic to the website, with 1% of site entrances occurring through the front,” states Parnell.

Beginning Feb. 3, the transition front page will redirect automatically to the homepage. Only this page is affected; the commission still has many of the former bureau pages still in use.