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FCC to Share EAS Data With GAO

Results of national EAS test of interest as GAO monitors alerting modernization progress

Remember your results of the first national EAS test last fall?

Well, the FCC is sharing that data with the Government Accountability Office.

Radio and TV stations were to share their test experience with the commission by Dec. 27, 2011. The FCC wanted to know things like whether the stations were able to receive the Nov. 9 message and pass it on.

The GAO is reviewing the commission’s progress in modernizing the Emergency Alert System, including addressing any weaknesses illuminated by the test.

The commission wanted EAS participants to know their test results are being shared with the GAO.

That’s because previously, the agency said results would not be released publicly, but only shared with FEMA, NOAA, NWS and the executive office of the president as well as state government emergency management agencies.

Long-time engineer and EAS expert Richard Rudman writes on The EAS Forum that the industry may get a glimpse of what’s in the report when the FCC finishes revising its Part 11 rules that govern EAS, such as would there be a test before the June 2015 of the CAP converter boxes or a closed-circuit test of national EAS message propagation using EAS test codes that exist but have never been used.