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FCC Tweaks Ham Rules

FCC Tweaks Ham Rules

The FCC is making changes to the amateur radio service rules that it believes will allow licensees to use the spectrum more efficiently and operate with fewer restrictions.
The commission said it amended Part 97 Amateur Radio Service rules to do the following:

– revise the operating privileges of amateur operators to allow more spectrum in four authorized amateur service HF bands to be used for voice communications;

– permit auxiliary stations to transmit on additional amateur bands;

– permit amateur stations to transmit spread-spectrum communications on the 1.25 meter band;

– permit amateur stations to retransmit communications from the International Space Station;

– permit amateur service licensees to designate the amateur radio club to receive their call sign in memoriam;

– prohibit an applicant from filing more than one application for a specific vanity call sign;

– eliminate certain restrictions on equipment manufacturers;

– permit amateur radio stations operating in and around Alaska more flexibility in providing emergency communications; and

– remove certain restrictions in the license exam system that are no longer necessary.

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