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FCC Upholds $20k Pirate Fine

Agency says Nounoune Lubin offered no proof she wasn’t operating the equipment

The FCC has upheld a $20,000 fine against Nounoune Lubin for operating a pirate station in North Miami, Fla.

On four occasions in late 2009 and into mid-2010, FCC agents from the Miami office traced the source of an illegal signal on 90.1 MHz to Lubin’s home.

Agents traced a cable from an antenna in the backyard to transmitting equipment in her home. After receiving two Notices of Unlicensed Operation for operating an unauthorized station, Lubin continued to operate the illegal station, according to the commission. That’s when it decided on a $20,000 fine.

Lubin then claimed she did not operate the station, yet offered no other proof. The agency was unconvinced and said even if she herself didn’t operate the station, the equipment was in her house, powered on and under her control.

The agency upheld the original penalty, which has now escalated to a forfeiture order.

Lubin has 30 days to pay.

FCC Fines Woman Pirate in Miami $20,000” (Sept. 2010)