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FCC Upholds $24,000 Bondy Fine

Says Bondy interfered with shopping center communications

The FCC has upheld a previous fine of $24,000 against Kevin Bondy for unlicensed radio operation and refusing agency personnel access to his gear.

Bondy is the licensee of General Mobile Radio Service station WQGX752, in Encino, Calif. He was originally fined for transmitting on frequencies for which he didn’t have a license and intentionally interfering with authorized operations, according to the commission.

The agency’s Los Angeles Office traced Bondy’s transmissions as the source of interference. “At the time of the intentional interference, Mr. Bondy was sitting in his car, as located by the Los Angeles Office, explaining to shopping center personnel why he was jamming them and why they had to vacate the frequencies being interfered with,” wrote the FCC in its latest decision.

Bondy had appealed the fine in 2013. The FCC says Bondy’s arguments raised no new issues “but merely reiterates unsworn arguments of mistaken identity and alleged cooperation with the inspection of his radio equipment” that the Enforcement Bureau previously addressed and dismissed as unsupported.

Payment is due within 30 days or, it said, the case may be turned over to the Justice Department for collection.