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FCC Upholds $26,000 Fine

Salmon River penalized for renewal paperwork that was due in 2005

The FCC upheld fines totaling $26,000 against Salmon River Communications for not filing for renewal on time and continuing to operate two stations after their authorizations had expired.

Salmon River owns KSRA(AM/FM) in Salmon River, Idaho.

Their renewals were due in June 2005, four months before their licenses would expire, according to the commission. The licensee did seek STAs, but those ran out too. Salmon River told the FCC the mishap was inadvertent and the company didn’t know paperwork was due.

The commission eventually renewed both licenses and proposed the fines in 2011. This week, saying the agency didn’t receive a response about the fines. Saying no circumstances warrant a reduction or cancellation, the commission upheld the penalties and said Salmon River has 30 days to pay.