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FCC Upholds License Revocation for KBKH

No joy in ruling for Terry Hammond or Texas station

The Federal Communications Commission says it was right to revoke the license of Terry Keith Hammond for station KBKH(FM), Shamrock, Texas after his felony conviction for theft.

The agency this week kicked a renewal application for Hammond, saying he lacked the character qualifications to remain a station licensee.

The case goes back to 2006, when the agency began a hearing to decide whether Hammond was still qualified to be a licensee or whether his license should be revoked after he was convicted in Texas for a theft of “of more than $1,500 but less than $20,000,” according to the commission. The theft had occurred in 2002, before Hammond acquired the station.

The FCC’s records also show he operated pirate stations in California, Louisiana and Texas before he acquired KBKH. The commission sent him warning letters but ultimately did not fine Hammond a proposed $325,000 for the unlicensed operations.

In 2006 an administrative law judge dismissed Hammond’s renewal application and the Media Bureau cancelled his authorization, deleted the call letters and ordered Hammond to stop operations. The FCC now has reiterated those decisions.