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FCC Upholds Two Large Pirate Fines

The cases involve unlicensed operations in Boston and Brooklyn.

The FCC has upheld big fines for two pirates.

The commission turned its previous Notice of Apparent Liability of $10,000 into a forfeiture against Trevor Whitley. He was originally cited in January “for providing services and facilities incidental to the unlicensed transmission of communications by radio occurring on 102.3 MHz in Brooklyn, N.Y.,” the commission said in its decision. Whitely did not respond to the notice or pay the penalty, according to the agency.

The second case concerns Charles Clemons. In February he was fined $17,000 for operating an unlicensed radio transmitter on 106.1 MHz in Boston and for not permitting a station inspection. According to the commission, he has not responded to the original notice nor paid the penalty.