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FCC Warns About Misusing EAS Tones

Don't trigger a false alert with your well-intended newscast

As tempting as it might be to do so, broadcasters and other EAS participants must not use EAS tones or the attention signal in their news stories or other content about the nationwide EAS test, the FCC said.

FEMA, the FCC, NAB and the SBE as well as state broadcast associations have encouraged their members to air PSAs educating the public about today’s national EAS test.

But any rebroadcast of the EAS tones and attention signal would violate FCC rules, the commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau stated in a reminder message.

Airing the tones or the attention signal could pose a public danger, the bureau warns, because rebroadcasting the tones could trigger a false alert from EAS gear that picks up the rebroadcast. 

The test is set to begin at 2 p.m. Eastern.