FCC: We Need More Input on WEA Multimedia

Commission asks about viability of supporting multimedia content in WEA messages
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The Federal Communication Commission wants fresh comments about how and whether to support multimedia content in Wireless Emergency Alert messages.

Its Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau noted recent steps taken to strengthen WEA including better geographical targeting; embedded references such as URLs and phone numbers; longer alerts; and Spanish-language messages.

But the rules still do not specify technical requirements for enabling multimedia content in WEA alerts. The FCC received comments about it in 2016 from various mobile and emergency management organizations; now it wants fresh input on the technical feasibility of requiring such content, including the state of testing and standards development.

"Commenters should also address with particularity the potential costs and benefits to public safety and Participating CMS Providers for supporting the inclusion of multimedia content in WEA messages, given the other changes to WEA that are currently ongoing."

File comments in PS Docket Nos. 15-91 and 15-94 using the commission's online system at https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/.