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FCC Will Consider EAS Handbook Changes if Needed

Reminds stations to download the revised handbook before the Sept. 28 test

The new EAS Operating Handbook, published in August, may end up being revised after the national EAS test this month. Still, that’s the version you should use until further notice.

An FCC spokesperson told Radio World, “We encourage EAS Participants to review the Handbook and note any changes applicable to their facilities as they prepare for the test.” The commission plans to review whatever participant feedback it gets through the post-test data filings on Form 3 in the new EAS Test Reporting System. “We expect to incorporate lessons learned as we move forward.”

Radio World had inquired because we noticed that there had been some modified versions of the handbook discussed on an alerting listserv, intended to assist station operators; and one observer commented that the FCC staff knows a more user-friendly version, plus some other tweaks, is needed. The commission spokesperson didn’t directly address this with us, but the message seems clear that the commission wants EAS participants to avoid using anything but the official version — or as one observer put it, “the EAS Handbook is the EAS Handbook” until the commission tells us otherwise.

The spokesperson did remind us that all EAS participants are expected to prepare and take part in the Sept. 28 test using the revised handbook as released on Aug 19. “They should ensure that a copy of the Handbook is located at normal duty positions or EAS equipment locations, as required by the Commission’s rules.”

Find it here (PDF); scroll down to EAS Operating Handbook.