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FCC Will Ease, Post Reports

FCC Will Ease, Post Reports

June 2 will bring an easing of most media ownership rules, the Washington Post reports.
“Two things are certain: On June 2, the five-member FCC will adopt most of the media-ownership recommendations delivered by staffers,” the Post wrote. “Also, a wave of media deals — and probably lawsuits — will follow, as companies jockey to exploit the new rules or seek relief from them.”
Recent months have brought great debate over possible changes in the rules. Much speculation has centered on what exactly the FCC staff has recommended to the commissioners.
The Post cited sources as saying that the staff’s report, not yet public, recommends abolishing the cross-ownership ban in large and mid-size cities while retaining it in small cities; raising the number of TV stations that a broadcast network can own; raising the number of TV stations a company can own in a large market; and retaining certain rules including per-market caps on radio ownership, but redrawing the definition of what constitutes a radio market to prevent one company from further dominating local airwaves.
“The three Republican and two Democratic commissioners are likely to vote along party lines, with the three GOP votes assuring passage of the new rules,” the Post reported.

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