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FCC Won’t Seek Supreme Appeal on Ownership; NAB Will

FCC Won't Seek Supreme Appeal on Ownership; NAB Will

The Bush administration is not challenging an appeals court decision in 2004 that sent most of the broadcast ownership rules back to the FCC to be justified and rewritten. Some of the rules, including the new radio market definition, were allowed to go into effect.
Some broadcasters are expected to file appeals to the Supreme Court on their own.
Thursday, NAB said it would and released a statement:
“We’re disappointed with reports that the Solicitor General will not be seeking Supreme Court review of media ownership rules. We continue to believe the Supreme Court needs to clarify lower court decisions related to media ownership, and NAB will be seeking that review on Monday, Jan. 31.”
FCC Chairman Powell, who announced last week he’s leaving in March, told Reuters he regretted not being able to finish the media rules before leaving.
Commissioners Copps and Adelstein said the court “correctly recognized” the new ownership rules were flawed and called for a media policy redesign.