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FCC’s Policy Office Proposes Market Spectrum Allocation

FCC's Policy Office Proposes Market Spectrum Allocation

More details are out about the FCC’s Spectrum Task Force suggestions to increase efficiencies of how spectrum is used and allocated. In a paper titled, “A Proposal for a Rapid Transition to Market Allocation of Spectrum,” writers Evan Kwerel and John Williams of the Office of Plans and Policy propose the FCC reallocate spectrum to flexible use and organize large scale, two-sided auctions in which occupied spectrum, would be auctioned together with unassigned spectrum. The idea is spectrum users would volunteer their spectrum for auction.
By making highly complementary spectrum available in a single auction, the reallocated bands could be quickly and efficiently restructured, according to Kwerel and Williams.
Under the proposal, incumbents would have two basic choices. They could choose not to participate and continue with their current use without any additional flexibility. Or they could participate and be granted immediate flexibility in their presently occupied spectrum and be allowed to keep the auction proceeds from the sale of their spectrum.
This paper was presented to FCC commissioners at the recent open meeting. It has not been endorsed by the agency, which means it does not necessarily represent the views of the commission. Rather, its point is to stimulate debate about the topic.
An FCC staffer speaking privately to RW after the meeting said the concept of sharing spectrum would not likely prove practical for broadcasters, but would work better for other spectrum users.

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