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Fee Filer Available for ’05 FCC Fees

Fee Filer Available for '05 FCC Fees

The FCC is providing an online system, the Fee Filer, so stations may pay FY 2005 regulatory fees and electronically submit related data. The Regulatory Fees section enables filers to provide information required to complete Form 159, “Remittance Advice.” An upload feature facilitates filings that may involve large numbers of licenses or multiple licensees.
Although Fee Filer remains a tool for self-reporting regulatory fees, the FCC said it now offers to include information for fees for which bills or assessments have been previously mailed to the licensee or permit holder. Broadcast AM, FM and TV stations are included in this feature.
Filers may also control how to submit and pay for groups of fees, either making multiple submissions or a single combined submission for numerous licensees or services. One payment is expected for each submission.
Regulatory fees are due Sept. 7. Fee Filer can be accessed here.