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Feingold: Clear Channel’s Indie Decision Not Enough

Feingold: Clear Channel’s Indie Decision Not Enough

Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., says that no matter what changes Clear Channel makes with regard to independent record promoters, Congress should pass his bill to prevent payola.
During last week’s NAB show, Clear Channel said it would sever ties with independent record promoters to avoid the appearance of “pay-for-play.” Feingold called Clear Channel’s decision a step in the right direction but said, “Congress must also address the anti-competitive behavior in the concert promotion industry and work to ensure more local input into radio programming decisions.”
“I hope that Clear Channel considers this a first step towards reforming the industry, not a single concession aimed at pacifying Congress and the FCC,” Feingold. stated
Several lawmakers at NAB predicted that Feingold’s bill has little hope of passage.