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Female Radio Managers ‘Mostly Non-Existent’

Female Radio Managers 'Mostly Non-Existent'

Opportunities for women in radio are still “far below” the management opportunities for men, according to an analysis of industry statistics by the group The Most Influential Women in Radio. It found that less than 15% of station general managers in the top 100 markets are female, the same as last year, according to Joan Gerberding, president of Nassau Media Partners, speaking for the MIW group. The percentage of stations with female general sales managers dropped from 30% to 27%; female PDs stayed the same at just under 10%.
“We’ve made little to no progress in the top 100 markets,” said Gerberding, “And that means that we’ve made little to no progress in the major broadcasting companies. We’ve done only a slight bit better in markets 101 through 298.” The study used M Street data. Out of the 11,270 radio stations in all Arbitron and non-Arbitron rated markets, in all positions surveyed (GM, GSM, NSM, LSM, and PD), 19.3% are held by women.