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Ferguson to Retire from Cox

Ferguson to Retire from Cox

A familiar name in radio management circles is stepping down at Cox. Its Radio EVP Dick Ferguson will retire at the end of May. The 30-year radio veteran will consult the company on acquisitions and station upgrades.
Ferguson has been with the company since 1997, when Cox Radio acquired NewCity Communications, a company he co-founded and headed as president and CEO.
Ferguson, 60, has served as a director of Cox Radio since 1997 and as executive vice president since early 2003. He’s also been VP/COO, among other titles.
He’s a past president of Katz Broadcasting and led a management group in organizing NewCity to purchase the stock of that entity. He is also former president of Park City Communications, later acquired by Katz Communications, and is a past chairman of the NAB Joint Board and a member of the Radio Operators Caucus.