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FIFA Bonanza for Streamers

ESPN and TuneIn add up the numbers

This year’s FIFA World Cup delivered some big numbers for audio streaming at ESPN Audio and web audio portal TuneIn.

ESPN Audio, which streamed all 64 games, says that it averaged 23,503 listeners every quarter-hour. The USA versus Germany match was the most listened-to at 147,880 listeners per quarter-hour. ESPN Audio said that when ESPN Radio listeners were factored in, the number was 172,790. The numbers were described as “much larger than usual audiences during weekday and weekend time slots.”

TuneIn, which partnered with ESPN Audio for American audiences, has concluded that a total of 105 million listeners tuned into a World Cup game through the web audio portal. U.S. listeners made up almost half of the audience, 49%, with the U.K. providing 25%.

Foreign broadcasters that proved popular on TuneIn were, according to a release, “talkSPORT and the BBC [U.K.]. Other notable broadcasters were: la Red in Argentina; SBS Australia; RMC, Europe 1 and RTL in France; ARD stations in Germany; RAI in Italy; Radio 1in the Netherlands; Radio Cope and RNA in Spain.”