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Fines Upheld for Pilgrim Stations

Fines Upheld for Pilgrim Stations

The FCC fined several stations for violations regarding EAS, main studio rules and tower lighting.
At $19,000, the largest penalty was levied against Pilgrim Communications, licensee of KWYD(AM), Colorado Springs, Colo., for not powering down at night and not having working EAS equipment or a main studio. During an inspection last February, an FCC field agent said the station was operating at about 225 watts, about 2.25% of its authorized power during the day and 336% of its authorized nighttime power level.
Pilgrim said its remote control and EAS equipment were not working when the inspection took place and have been repaired. It also has hired someone to staff the main studio during business hours. Pilgrim asked for the fine to be cancelled or reduced.
The commission didn’t think either was appropriate and reaffirmed the fine.
The agency also reaffirmed an $11,000 fine against Pilgrim’s KSKE(AM) in Vail, Colo., for failing to power down at night and not having a main studio.
Pilgrim said it corrected a programming error in its remote power monitoring system and has staffed its main studio during business hours. The agency affirmed, rather than cancelled, the fine.
The station also has 30 days to submit documentation to the Enforcement Bureau that the staff it now has at the main studio is managerial.