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Finest City Hopes to Add More Stations

Finest City Hopes to Add More Stations

A new company, Finest City Broadcasting, said it completed a transaction over the holidays for three 100 kW Class C FM stations serving San Diego; the company says it would like to find more station deals in the market.
It entered into an agreement to provide programming, sales and marketing for 91X (XETRA-FM), Z90 (XHITZ-FM) and Magic 92.5 (XHRM-FM). Finest City is headed by Mike Glickenhaus, former VP/market manager of San Diego for Clear Channel and Jacor Communications and a former exec with Noble Broadcast Group, which used to operate XETRA(AM/FM).
Equity fund Evergreen Pacific Partners provided most of the money, with additional funding from Dex Allen, former chairman of Commonwealth Broadcasting.