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Firefighters Put an End to Pirate Station

Illegal station on 88.9 MHz in Brockton interferes with fire engine dispatch

Boston area firefighters got a pirate station that was interfering with their fire calls shut down.

Brockton firefighters noticed music playing over their speakers in the station used for dispatching engines and reported interference on their car radios, according to

“In the station, those speakers are used to alert firefighters to an incident, and that’s how we get the type of call and location. Any interference is a serious issue,” Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Galligan told the news outlet.

Using a frequency finder, police helped the firefighters trace the source to a building across the street from the firehouse that had a satellite dish and FM antenna on the roof. The some 60 feet tall antenna for an illegal station was broadcasting a signal on 88.9 MHz, according to the account.

A firefighter carrying wire cutters found the equipment owner; the station was shut down immediately and the equipment was gone the next day.