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First Directional AMs See MoM Applications Approved

Benedict says WKOX and WRCA got the nod

The Federal Communications Commission has approved Method-of-Moments (MoM) licenses for AM stations WKOX, owned by Clear Channel, and WRCA of Beasley.

According to Ray Benedict, spokesman for the AM Directional Antenna Performance Verification Coalition and director of spectrum engineering for CBS, these are the first approvals he’s aware of under new rules that permit MoM computer modeling of certain AM directional arrays in lieu of traditional proof-of-performance electric field measurements.

WKOX and WRCA are triplexed with Champion-owned WUNR at a shared transmission site in outside Boston in Newton, Mass. WKOX operates on 1200 kHz, WRCA on 1330 and WUNR on 1600. According FCC records, WKOX, licensed to Newton, uses three of the five towers at the site. It’s licensed for 50 kW day and night. WRCA, licensed to Watertown, is licensed for to operate with 25 kW day and 17 kW at night.

The coalition says using MoM is faster and easier and will save stations money as they verify performance of their AM directional antenna systems.