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First Music Label Signs Up for Motorola iRadio

First Music Label Signs Up for Motorola iRadio

Motorola has snagged its first music label to provide content for iRadio, now slated for a January debut.
Universal Music Group will make its catalog available on the wireless music service.
The iRadio service will use a cell phone with a high-speed Internet connection and wireless Bluetooth. The company promises subscribers “hundreds of channels of commercial-free music and talk stations.”
Stations can be downloaded from computers to mobile phones and played on the phone, on car stereos or on home stereos. Subscribers can create channels and transfer their music to the phone using the service.
The service would cost about $7 a month. Motorola had hoped to debut the product in Q4 but is now targeting a launch at CES in January.
A Motorola spokesman told Reuters the company is looking for content but declined to say whether Motorola is in talks with either of the satellite radio services.