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First Response Radio Brings Radio Back to Nepal

Organization uses BW Broadcast transmitters to provide radio communications after two massive earthquakes

The devastating earthquakes that rocked Nepal last month caused irreparable damage to the country and its people, but it also brought down the country’s communications infrastructure. To help with this issue, First Response Radio traveled to Nepal a week after the event to help reestablish the country’s radio.

First Response Radio is a non-profit organization that says its mission is to deliver critical information via radio to areas that have faced disasters. Upon arrival in Nepal many radio stations were either off-air completely or operating out of tents. FRR targeted the biggest areas of need, the organization explains, and quickly got to work.

Using its “Radio in a Suitcase,” which includes the BW Broadcast TX600V2 FM transmitter, playback and editing software, a seven channel mixer and can run on a 12 V car battery, FRR says that it was able to get Radio Rasuwa in Dhunche back on air.

BW Broadcast adds that it has also donated equipment to its Nepalese distributor, Sushmit International, headed by Sushil Pokharel, who has been assisting FRR to get radio communications back on.