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First Venture Opens Second Translator Auction

Two dozen FM translators are up for bid in a three-day auction

The market for translators has been hot. Here’s another measure of that.

First Venture Capital Partners is opening a second translator auction that runs for three days beginning on Jan. 20. It said an earlier similar round was successful.

Via its website, First Venture Capital Partners’ Ronald Unkefer is facilitating bidding on approximately two dozen FM translators covering parts of 20 states, including Arkansas, California, Colorado and Montana. This includes translator inventory from First Venture Capital Partners as well as several owned by Edgewater Broadcasting.

According to Unkefer, bidders are required to register and pay a bid deposit accompanying their initial bid. The site includes a map of the eligible relocation area for each FM translator. This marks the second FM translator auction organized by First Venture Capital Partners; the first was held in December.

There are 6,500 FM translators and boosters licensed in the United States, according to recent FCC data. The numbers have grown from about 3,900 a decade ago. Translator activity has been further energized because of the AM Revitalization Order handed down by the Federal Communications Commission last October. Class C and D AM station owners have the option to relocate an FM translator up to 250 miles via several new filing windows. The first window opens Jan. 29, and will run until July 28.