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Five Eureka Radios Launch in 2004

Five Eureka Radios Launch in 2004

Five new Eureka-147 radios are available to consumers in 2004. The first micro hi-fi systems incorporating the technology are now available, according to a marketing group promoting the Eureka-147 DAB technology. The first Eureka radio from Hitachi is the AX-M68D micro hi-fi system. It includes three components – CD, FM/DAB tuner and amplifier, plus speakers.
Ministry of Sound’s MC018 micro hi-fi system is part of its Space range. It one delivers FM and digital, along with a CD player. Also from Ministry of Sound is a Eureka boombox – also part of the Space range. The MOSCR023 comes with FM and DAB, as well as a CD player.
Acoustic Solutions has introduced two portable Eureka radios. Designed by IDEO London, he Portal 1 is DAB only, while the Portal 2 also receives FM signals. The Portal 1 lists for approximately $130 in U.S. funds.