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Flexible X-Band Cables From Gepco

Flexible X-Band Cables From Gepco

Cable with increased flexibility is available from Gepco Wire and Cable. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Greg Hansen said X-Band analog audio cable is a departure for the company in that it is not UL-rated for permanent installation.
“In not having to put the compounds in to pass the tests, we made the cable ultra-flexible,” he said. “The cables are available in both single and multi-pair versions and will not retain kinks and bends when flexed, while still maintaining ease of termination and superior electrical characteristics.”
The company also manufactures 61806PU cable for direct burial. “We apply a water-blocking tape under the outer jacket of this cable,” Hansen said. “In case of an animal bite or some other puncture, the tape spreads to cover the pairs on the inside. It’s perfect for running audio between buildings.” Info: