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Florida Pirate Fined $10, 000

Florida Pirate Fined $10, 000

The FCC fined Jhony Desinor $10,000 for operating an FM broadcast station on the frequency 105.9 MHz in Naples, Fla. without commission authorization. Investigating a complaint that a pirate station was being operated in a Naples residence, agents from the Tampa field office used direction-finding techniques to pinpoint the station signal to an antenna at 4073 Coconut Circle North in Naples. Field strength measurements convinced the agents commission authorization was required to operate the station.
The agents went to the station and saw Desinor talking into a mic. He told the agents he was one of several volunteer DJs at the station and that there was no license for the facility.
He told the agency he couldn’t pay the fine because he didn’t own the station, “didn’t know the station was functioning illegally” and that he did not receive any financial benefit from the station operation.
The FCC says he was in charge of the station at the time of the inspection and is liable for the illegal operation. The agency also states in its decision Desinor submitted no documentation to back up his claim that he cannot pay the fine.
The commission determined he was responsible for illegally operating a station and that he must pay the fine within 30 days or the case may be referred to the Justice Department for collection.