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Florida Pirate Slapped With $35,000 Fine

Florida Pirate Slapped With $35,000 Fine

A federal court found Schlomo Malka in civil contempt due to continued unlicensed radio operation in violation of FCC rules and a court-ordered injunction. The court ordered Malka to pay a fine of $35,000 and to relinquish any claim to radio station equipment seized from his unlicensed radio station last week. In addition, Malka was ordered to cooperate with the FCC in the continuing investigation of the unlicensed radio station, and to identify all individuals and advertisers who had any relationship with the operation of the unlicensed station.
The case began when the commission’s Miami office received complaints from listeners and broadcasters in south Florida of interference to the reception of licensed broadcast stations in the area. U.S. Marshals and the FCC had seized Malka’s radio station equipment previously.
In January of last year, United States District Judge Wilkie Ferguson ordered Malka to stop broadcasting unlawfully. The FCC said Malka continued to run an unlicensed station.
“The injunction against Malka’s unlicensed operation has now been made permanent,” stated the commission. “Additional fines of $10,000 per violation will be imposed in the event the court finds Malka has engaged in unlicensed broadcasting at any time in the future, along with any additional civil and/or criminal penalties imposed by the court.”
The United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Division, prosecuted the case.