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FM Auction Moved to April

Most of the 112 CPs up for online bidding are for vacant FM allotments

The FCC has rescheduled the auction of 112 FM construction permits.

Online Auction #94 is now slated to begin April 23, 2013. The agency rescheduled the event from March 26, 2013 to avoid conflicting with holidays and the spring NAB convention.

Most of the CPs are for vacant FM allotments; 25 are CPs that were offered but not sold or were defaulted on in prior auctions.

The minimum opening bids start at $500 for a Class A in Dickens, Texas, up to $60,000 for a Class A in Mecca, Calif.

The short-form application filing window opens at noon on Jan. 28, 2013; the deadline is Feb.6, 2013 before 6 p.m.

The agency won’t accept any commercial or noncommercial minor modification applications between those dates also in order to avoid creating conflicts with auction proposals. The minor mod application “freeze” lifts Feb. 7.